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The calculator will show you some useful stats like your win odds should you go into a showdown with your current hand.It will also show you how many cards are left in a deck and also suggest a raise, call or fold move and shows both yours and the opponents estimated hand rank.

Poker Office Poker Office is a real-time poker odds calculator.It has built in opponent tracking software and helps beginners advance and teaches them about different hands.If you would like to read more reviews on this tool click here.It has a great feature which randomizes your delay in your action when it is your turn so your opponent can never tell if you are snap calling or thinking about calling.It also removes the unnecessary windows and boarders surrounding the table and allows you to allocate shortcut keys for different actions.It also has a useful label that is applied to the players at the table so you always know where Button is and BB, SB, UTG etc is.Once you have imported the opponents statistics, SpadeEye will start assessing players and allocating them a colour code so you can easily identify who to play with and who to stay away from.One of the latest features of PokerTracker 4 is the ability to tag hands using the HUD tag menu for future review.

PS Play ByVoice PS Play by Voice allows you to perform certain actions using a voice command as opposed to using your hotkeys.Even better it can do this without you even having to be seated at a table.It was developed by a lone developer by the name of Aaron Peelle and has undergone a few updates since its initial release.The company is a web design company that has built this app and made it free with the idea that you will share the link on your social media in order to get the free license key.Should you wish to try the tool it can be used for 30 days in trail mode.They are constantly reviewing the tool and adding additional functionality with version 2.0 expected later this year.After a quick installation, the application will automatically find your hand history folder for your poker client and instantly have access to an array of statistics and in-game assistance based off of those previous hands with the easy to setup HUD.Universal Poker Table Organizer If you play multiple tables at once you will know that trying to keep them organised and trying to keep track of which table is your turn to act can be difficult. City Loco: Digital Music

With fantastic support and quick turnaround times via email, you can purchase a hand history database with peace of mind.The advice out there on bankroll size is sparse, and doesn’t delve deep enough to be of concrete help to the average player - Poker Strategy from lower package is still loaded with more than enough definitions and will help you improve your daily profit.It then categorizes it with others according to board textures, bet sizes and other elements of the hand which allows it to make the best decision.The developers at EasyStreet developed the tool in 2014 and have released several updates since its original release.Additional review available at RangeEdge At no Limit holdem tournaments you are most likely going to end up short stacked and blinds are rising fast.You can set the maximum amount of tables and split the conditions over them.

Having trouble with poker bankroll management, or even wonder what it is? This Teach The People article is coming to your rescue.It then reports the value of your hand as well as other data in HUDs.They also offer a double your money back should you not be satisfied.Table of interest was developed by This and originated as a suggestion in a poker forum.The tool was developed by FreshySites and as mentioned it is completely free.GamPokerAnalyze is a universal tool for on the fly analysis of game situations.This information is useful not only for reviewing your game, but also when you face the opponent again as you will have a full breakdown of there playing style.Poker Calculator Pro reads the cards from the table and then presents you with mathematically sound advice about your chances of winning, the pot odd, the long term expected value of each move and much more.If you’re serious about poker then you need to be equally serious about your poker bankroll, which is the one aspect of this game that you can control.

You can also select the language of the PS Hand Watcher despite the language that was selected for the Lobby and game tables and also the Hand History of PokerStars.Official Poker Rankings Official poker Rankings is a free online ranking system.It has a built in opponent statistic builder which can give you the edge you need by gathering information on your opponents playing style.The profiles can take time and effort to learn and write them and the table-maps are required for each site and type of table.It allows you to track your play live as well as enter date from past sessions, it supports cash games and tourneys and it allows you to view your results using a wide variety of stats.

Open Holdem Bot has been in the making since 2009 building up experience using multiple types of playing styles.Setup includes a range of rules that define a player into a category.SNG Solver is the first tool to improve on that mathematical equation.You can also assign hot-keys for fold, call, Raise and all in.Should you wish to read and addition reviews on is available at this link.You are graded as you work through the trainer and you are able to track your progress.

The ICM calculator is limited but one must remember this is a free tool so functionality will be limited.The support structure is excellent with developers on standby via skype, email and calls.As with most poker tools, you can also import past hand history into this app.

The software is simple to install and detects when you have gone all in on a hand.WarBot Warbot is supposed to be a retake on the open Holdem Bot.Being a fish(AKA new to poker) can be tough and using Open Holdem bot can help you excel, even at the low stakes.Advanced Poker Training If you are looking at sharpening your skills as a poker player and want to use a poker tool to help you instead of powering through gameplay, Advanced Poker Training will be able to help.The tool also teaches you how to understand a preflop scenario and helps you understand why betting 3 times the BB is a good choice or when you should be hesitant to call when an opponent bets out of position.