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It was pretty hard to follow what was going on for a lot of the time, and music would abruptly end at scene changes.The movie tells the story of the attempt by Pakistan in 1999 to capture part of the disputed region of Kashmir from India.Rounders is undoubtedly the most popular poker film of all times, one that probably every Texas Hold’em player knows about. This is the movie that made people start.Poker movies are few and far between. The usual focus when it comes to celluloid fame is on blackjack or baccarat, a simpler and more random game that lends itself.Brake — 2 stars. A man must break out of a box locked in a car trunk (1:31).All the hill storming scenes for e.g., are all from the same camera angle and all have a hill bathed in a uniform light, as if from a lamppost, and just did not pull me into forgetting it was happening on screen.

Poker Movie Review: The Cincinnati Kid. Poker Movie Review: "The Cincinnati Kid" (1965) by Daniel Johnson of Even back in 1965, when "The Cincinnati.Watch it if you can absorb dancing-in-the-fields amidst war scenes ripped from The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan.

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The movie casts brilliant actors of Bollywood, be it ajay devgan, sanjay dutt,abhishek bachan and many awesome extraordinary actors from Telugu film industry aka Collywood.

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So maybe this is a documentary, not a commercial film as advertised.Also, the explosions from mortar, grenades and shells seem extremely impotent as the radius of the blast is extremely small and unconvincing.

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The movie hall where I saw this film was full of whistles and cheers when the Film shows Indian Bravery.

Why do they always have to use that slow-motion death sequence routine again and again.With a massive cast like the one assembled in this film, it is rather difficult to pinpoint every actor and talk about their on-screen work.Patriotism is not enriched by expletives Mr. Dutta. Secondly, he has tried to include as many incidents from the Kargil war as possible in the movie (still he could not include all such battles covered in that war) forgetting that the movie has to be completed within a reasonable time-duration.

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Unfortunately they went on a LOT longer than they should have.User Reviews and Recommendations of Best Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Food, Entertainment, Things to Do, Services and More at Yelp.Rounders opened to mixed reviews and earned. "The main problem with Rounders is that the movie never. And that's why it stands as the best poker movie ever.Even better, it could have used a competent director like Ram Gopal Verma to write, direct and edit the film.LOC is a tribute, a homage to our brave and selfless soldiers who have laid down their lives to safeguard ours.Poker guide featuring the leading online poker club with a free poker league, daily poker news, rewards, gifts, hands and forums.Whether the role is a smaller one or a bigger one, everybody has given his best.

As for the supporting cast, all I can say is that I hope they were amateurs.When it comes to movies like these, the director should concentrate most on the battle scenes but those are the most flawed portions of the film.

Jessica Chastain is 'ferocious' in 'Molly's Game' — read Us Weekly's movie review!. I don’t know the first thing about poker.Unfortunately he, like the bigwigs of the Indian Army, made decisions that were terrible for his actors, and terrible for his audience.In fact, I will go so far as to claim that the artificiality of the treatment took away some of it.If you have seen very less films, this might be a big one for you.

India wants Pakistan to stay away from Kashmir, and you should stay away from this movie also.

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Molly's Game review. She entices rich men into her game but cleverly deflects their predatory instincts into the alpha poker-fight with other men. A movie actor,.You will feel sleepy while watching it because of following reasons:- 1.The filmmaker has tried his best to lend auntheticity by using the real terrain but after an hour of the movie it is like Dejavue.

The songs are quite long because the director had to accommodate the scenes of several actors while the song was continuing, but they are highly patriotic as well as touching.I was very intrigued and watched the news every evening as much as I could but at the same time I was sad when I saw the massive troop movement on the National Highway 1A on the TV screens.Tone Loc Movie Reviews & Film Summaries | Roger Ebert. In Memoriam 1942 – 2013 “Roger Ebert loved movies.

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The pressure on the soldiers did show, although the fighting did not.So lengthy movie. 2. Lengthy and boring songs. 3. Bad dialogue delivery. 4. So many characters, you will have problems in memorizing their names and the their battalion names. 5. Humiliating drama(total unwanted). 6. So many dialogues. 7. Worst action.