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Up until now most of us, myself included, have buried our heads in the sand.I will stay tuned to this discussion hoping people will be smart with their money.Secondly, the only reason for the 2 arrests is they were in the US at this time.

I happen to be the average American that up until a few years ago was proud to be an American and truly felt this was the best country in the world.Policy — FBI: online poker sites “bet the house” on money laundering, fraud Some of the biggest names in online poker are now facing federal money ….UPDATE: Why the DOJ shut down Poker and a closer look at the aftermath Millions of US online poker players did not anticipate a loss this large when they l.

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PKR Poker Shut Down for "Financial Difficulties", Players. for “Financial Difficulties”, Players’ Funds at. had a major poker site shut down all of.Now, mysteriously, he is out onbail and the gambling companies are the ones in the dock.

Many states have legalized live poker rooms in some form, but online gambling was outlawed in 2006.

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A cottage industry of full-time poker players and backers has emerged, as has a distinct Internet subculture.The district court issued an order restraining 76 bank accounts in 14 countries in relation to the case.Maybe there should be a national revolution day where we all stay home and do absolutely nothing unless changes we request are made prior to that shut down their Betcoin Poker operations on Monday, 25th December 2017.Ivey League, the online poker training website which was founded by poker legend Phil Ivey will cease operations from May 1 according to a statement.People were needed to enforce theses new laws, a military to protect freedom, as well as many other services.

The sites operate illegally, often from servers based abroad, and rely on online payment processors to accept deposits from U.S.-based gamblers.If you figure out what to do for the American people to take our country back you let me know.Register or Use the arrow to the right to read the next 3 page(s).Bovada has officially now pulled out of the Washington State poker market indicating payment processor difficulties. Bovada Shuts Down in Washington State.A full-tilt federal shutdown of online poker Federal indictments of online poker websites Full Tilt Poker,. five websites were shut down,.The FBI shut down three of the largest poker websites Friday in what appears to be the largest crackdown on illegal online gambling to date.

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This balances out as those paying taxes on their winnings are covering those who deduct their losses, and the gambling establishments themselves pay taxes on their cut.The indictment alleges the firms hired third parties to open accounts at financial institutions to help process payments using fake companies as fronts.Player reviews and ratings for Equity Poker Network. Online. Listen hear though I PROMISE everyone out their this site will be shut down by me and my connections.

PokerStars and FullTilt Poker allegedly persuaded a few small local banks facing financial difficulties to process some payments in exchange for multimillion-dollar investments in the banks.The online poker world has just experienced a massive earthquake.On Friday, the FBI shut down three of the world's most popular online poker sites, replacing their home pages with the message: "This domain name has been seized by.Defunct Poker Sites - Find out which online poker rooms have closed or been shut down. Discover the reasons for their downfall and the stories behind them.Online poker sites shut down by FBI. Furthermore, he is wasting time and money chasing down poker sites to compensate for his small genitalia,” it read.Leaving your home because of a smoldering waste basket makes no sense.Something basic like liberty and justice for all. a country was born.Because of his wealth he was considered a flight risk and denied bail.

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First let me say, for those not up to date you can get the cliff notes of the Pokerstars – Full Tilt Poker US shut down here. Also visit our US poker sites page for.Over the years lawmakers have chipped away so much of the constitution, among other thing, that we are now left with little resembling what our forefathers intended.

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I am a sane educated middle class american and I am day after day disappointed by both the right and the left in the USA.Do online poker sites accept US. Full Tilt Poker was shut down. LOCK POKER - Lock Poker is perhaps the most recent example of an online poker site that simply.

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Payment processors like Elie have also been accused of setting up dummy companies and generating fraudulent transactions to disguise poker company payments from banks.Four websites of the largest companies: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UB have been shut down and seized by the F.B.I on charges of bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offenses.